We ride a lot. We demand top quality and easy of use. So we decided to make our own handbikes – fast, reliable and well-thought.

E-MTB handbike Vektor


Price from €10 400

Vektor is our flagship – a practical handbike with an auxiliary electric motor for all-day (not only) off-road riding. We’ve put years of development and experience into this bike and we’re really proud of it. It gives you a freedom that is not common on a wheelchair.

You’re looking at a machine that’s been thought out to the last detail, and we believe you’ll appreciate its value. The handbike has been properly tested all over Europe, in mountains, forests, valleys, on hiking trails, mountain bike trails and many places where no wheelchair user has ever ridden any machine before. And maybe he’d rather not. But we couldn’t help it, we just enjoyed it!

Contact for information and orders: mikulas.hapka@ultina.cz

1 | Concept

The basic concept of the Vektor is a delta style (two wheels at the back, one at the front) handbike with a solid welded frame made of our popular EN AW 7020 aluminium alloy. The bike has an auxiliary electric motor in the front hub and a Pinion gearbox in the pedal centre. This allowed us to put more weight the front wheel for more traction and not overly stress the drivetrain with high motor torque. The Vektor wheels are 29″ in size for maximum grip and ground clearance. The large wheels filter out most minor bumps and ensure a very comfortable ride. The rear suspension, which moves smoothly on sealed bearings, with 150 mm of travel and a Rock Shox Deluxe air shock, will also help with the reduction of larger shocks to the back.

2 | Drive

The electric motor is a powerful 500 W Bafang HS SWX02 with 50 Nm of torque in all gears. It draws power from a large17,5Ah battery. However, it is possible to produce a higher version with two such batteries. The low-maintenance German Pinion gearbox has 18 finely graduated gears with a range of a whopping 636% and allows you to shift into any gear on a spot without pedalling – you’ll especially appreciate this after a stop on steep hills.

3 | Construction

The Vektor’s frame and fork are durable and welded from large but thin-walled tubes for an excellent weight-to-strength ratio. The frame has a protective tube on the underside in case you get stuck “belly-flopping” on an obstacle. There are also reinforcements in other necessary places. The rear wheels use standard 15×100 mm hub spacing and robust bolt-on axles of our own manufacture from the aforementioned alloy.

4 | Practical Solutions

We’ve worked hard to optimise the cornering geometry so that the Vektor, despite being a handbike, turns incredibly smoothly and effortlessly. As a result, it also doesn’t need a steering stabilising elastomer and has a locking stem for mounting and transport to prevent fork rotation.

The footpegs have a closed shape to withstand any potential impact with obstacles without deformation, as they are the first to get hit. They are secured with raised clamps for good foot clearance in the terrain and thus have a wide range of adjustment.

5 | Details

The cranks that we make ourselves are solid and secured by three bolts on the multi-edge of the pedal axle of the gearbox. The handle bearings are in the cranks, allowing greater variability in the thickness of grips required. The grip axles are made from 10 mm stainless steel to ensure they do not easily bend when falling sideways directly onto the grip.

Unpleasant bending and breaking of hoses and bowdens is prevented by the protective springs and combined guides. The handbike has a mechanical parking brake for easy boarding. Up to two bidon holders can be mounted on the seat backrest, and there is a mounting point for a flag on the rear axle and two more mounting points for any accessory.

6 | Textile

All textiles on Vektor are produced by us. Tough and soft straps secure your ankles, knees and waist, and you’ll stay well seated even in rough terrain. The seat pad is washable and the backrest, on the other hand, is breathable. Multi-layered memory foam sandwiches inside take care of their comfort. The knees are safe from abrasion from the inside by padded knee protectors.

7 | User friendliness

The handbike seat can be fixed in many positions. This, together with the sliding footpegs, means that anyone from 165 cm to 200 cm tall can ride the Vektor comfortably. The seat is upright for good visibility, practicality and, most importantly, preserving the rider’s ability to balance the handbike’s lean.

We don’t compromise on the fitment of the bike components either. The rims are only from DT Swiss, braided with Sapim spokes and they rotate on Novatec hubs. Vektor brakes with Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes on all three wheels. All bike components are standard and available models, making them easy to repair or replace at any bike shop if damaged.

8 | Additional information

Default components:

Motor: Bafang HS SWX02 500W
Battery: Samsung 35E 17,5Ah / 48V
Transmission: Pinion P1.18
Rear shock: Rock Shox Deluxe R, 210 x 55 mm
Front brake: Shimano Deore M6100, Formula 203mm disc
Rear brakes: Shimano Deore M6100 callipers + Tektro Auriga Twin lever, Formula 160mm discs
Front rim: DT Swiss H 552, 36h., 29″
Rear rims: DT Swiss 533D, 32h., 29″
Rear hubs: Novatec D041SB, 15 x 100mm
Front tyre: Tufo XC14, 29″ x 2.25″
Rear tires: Tufo XC13, 29″ x 2.25″
Weight: 37.3 kg (with one battery)

A second battery can be fitted by arrangement (+ € 800), or possibly change the brand or series of some components.

Contact for information and orders: mikulas.hapka@ultina.cz

Other handbikes


Price from €6 700

The Skalar is a lightweight and durable gravel bike designed for sportive riding using your own power on paved surfaces and in moderate terrain. You’ll love long trips into the unknown, quick rides after work or cycling with the family on the Skalar. The handbike uses many of the technologies from our Vektor and is equipped with a 12-speed Shimano shift kit and all-wheel brakes.

Contact for information and orders: mikulas.hapka@ultina.cz