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We live the lives of active wheelchair users. We all know what wheelchair users need, what they want and how they think. We are Ultina.

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We live the lives of active wheelchair users. We all know what wheelchair users need, what they want and how they think. We are Ultina.

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We live the lives of active wheelchair users. We all know what wheelchair users need, what they want and how they think. We are Ultina.

We are also the official dealer of Triride wheelchair power attachements for the Czech market. Contact us at

The Wheelchair Story

We will show you the whole process which every customer goes through if he or she decides to purchase an Ultina wheelchair. Choosing the right product, raising funds or the whole core of the process – measuring and producing the wheelchair according to the individual needs of each client are the key points that we will talk about. We will also reveal the production process and, finally, we will end up the whole story with the delivery of the wheelchair.

1 | Choosing the right product

The most demanding task right at the beginning of the whole process. We are aware of difficulties in knowing the ropes at the wheelchair market. That is why we are ready and pleased to be able to take this over as well. We have been involved in the wheelchair products for a long time, we also visit trade shows and negotiate with suppliers but, most importantly, we are wheelchair users. It enables us to hand over the most valuable thing – our own experience. We use our web presentation, Facebook page, email and phone to communicate with you. However, we like meeting you face to face the most – at sports events, trade shows, in rehabilitation centers or wherever else you are willing to meet with us.

One of the features that accompanies the process of decision making is the choice of a suitable color. Here you can choose from a wide variety of combinations.

2 | Measuring

We strongly believe that only a well-done measurement makes a top-quality wheelchair. As everyone of us is unique, our wheelchairs are originals too. We borrow a term from the branch of fashion design, particularly from tailored suits. The #BESPOKE methodology is the most convenient label for our method, which consists of making the suit (read crafting the wheelchair) to measure. In other words, we use no physical model and the wheelchair is made accordingly to the customer. The cut (read manufacturing documentation) is created based on your measurements. It enables us to include any element, which benefits your performance or comfort, to the wheelchair. Our experienced designers cooperate and try to find the best solution for every customer.

As we treat every wheelchair individually, each of our wheelchairs is unique as well. #BESPOKE is the highest level of manufacturing and that is also our goal. An unforgettable part of the #BESPOKE methodology is a try of an undone suit (read welded wheelchair) at the customer’s place. At more complicated tasks, we also put this step into the production process.

3 | 3D animation and optimization

We know the feeling when we order a wheelchair and then we only wait and wait and wait until the product is delivered. This period can last for months. We try to use this time span for optimization of the final product and we do not mind cooperating with our customers. Having done the manufacturing documentation, we send an effective 3D animation to the customer and wait for his or her opinions, ideas or corrections, which can still be included into the final product. We believe that this way we can discover eventual mistakes or defects and shorten your waiting time for your brand new Ultina wheelchair…

4 | Documentation and production

The quality of the final product is directly proportional to the quality of the manufacturing documentation. When the optimization and the 3D draft have been accepted by the customer, we carry out last checks and make the final output, which consists of tens of technical drawings. Those are the family tree of every Ultina wheelchair. Then, the manufacturing documentation is handed over to our engineers, who start making the so far virtual products real. It is crucial to flawlessly prepare, bend and burn off every part of the frame so that everything fits perfectly and can be welded. Then, the quantitative and qualitative checks are executed and another highly important phase comes up – the textile.

Every textile we use on our wheelchairs is made accordingly to the particular product using the #BESPOKE method. We do not fear any individual corrections or changes, so we can every time achieve the most comfortable and safe textile. When all the parts of the wheelchair have been produced and checked, the final completion and drive tests can take part.

5 | Product delivery

The delivery of the product is a very important moment of the story both for the customer and our whole team. It is the end of a long and demanding journey. We always deliver a complete product, including all features, textile and straps, so the customer can immediately test, try and enjoy his new experience. We love to deliver the product personally because we want to help you with the very first setting and to see your spontaneous reaction.