We are a group of people who have the closest relations to wheelchair users. We live the lives of active wheelchair users. We all know what wheelchair users need, what they want and how they think. We know, what pushes them forward.

We manufacture wheelchairs for floorball, basketball, rugby, tennis, and badminton. We also fabricate wheelchairs for everyday use and we have big plans to expand the supply by offering a wider variety of sporting equipment.

We do not offer a compensatory aid but a tool for maximizing of the potential of an active wheelchair user. That is why we are not afraid to go to the edge during the measurement and in the design of our wheelchairs and reject the market-established creation of alibi reserves, which, as a result, secretly hinder the development of the user’s possibilities for several years. The individual needs of the physically disabled athlete are a challenge for us. And challenges are our main motivation.

Kdo za tím stojí

Bc. Zbyněk Sýkora, MBA

paraplegic after suffering an injury in 2001

Zbyněk is an example of an active, successful wheelchair user not only in the field of sports but also in everyday life. He used to be a member of the athletic and basketball national team. Today he mainly focuses on floorball.

Zbyněk experienced the times of initial development and shortage of sporting compensatory aids. In the year 2003, with the help of his father, he made his first sports wheelchair. He also gained great experience concerning measuring wheelchairs as an employee of a world´s leading manufacturer. He now utilizes all this experience by helping develop and produce Ultina products.


Ing. Ivan Nestával

Ivan is a father of an active wheelchair user, with whom he entered the wheelchair community in the year 2010. He is a cocreator of the project aktualne.cz/parasport and fights for fights for making handicapped sportsmen equal to the more prevalent ones.

Since 2009, Ivan tries to do the best for his son – he removes obstacles, contemplates safety, comfort and health protection. Therefore, a useful intersecting comes about in the Ultina team – the perspective of a wheelchair user is penetrated by a perspective of a personally (not just
occupationally) involved assistant.


Mgr. Miroslav Šperk

paraplegic after suffering an injury in 2000

If we would be looking for the greatest and the most versatile talent among wheelchair sportsmen in the past 15 years, we would certainly come across the name Miroslav Šperk – a silver paralympic medal in discus throw, victory in European monoski championship, membership in the basketball and floorball national team. Today Míra focuses solely on basketball.

Thanks to his versatility and talent, Míra is associated with many sports communities. He knows the destiny of hundreds of people, different types of handicaps and in everyday life he experienced countless individual cases in various situations. This type of experience enables him to responsibly design and measure a perfect sports wheelchair. His signature on the measuring sheet is alone a warranty of a maximal possible utilization of the wheelchair.